As every life style block owner, farmer or farm manager and station manager or owner has there own idea on pricing and how they would like to do it, this is done by negotiation.
Whether you want to supply ammunition, or have us supply. The same goes for fuel, accommodation and any other extras needed to do the job.

The one thing we don’t do is work on subsidized rates were the farmer or station owner is paying X amount per hour and us making up the difference by selling the meat.
This is a very inefficient way to do pest control as to do any kind of pickup and gutting, then chilling of rabbits is far to time consuming. So if we are working for you we are working, not pissing about wasting time trying to find dead rabbits and pre-processing them.

2 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. John Flynn

    Hi, We have a lifestyle block in Waipuni Rd Springvale Alexandra.There are quite a number of rabbits on the property. Your suggestions please. John Flynn.



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