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Little pig

I caught a glimpse in the distance of an animal moving. At a glance it looked like a little pig but it turned out to be a Wolf, the little fat rabbit dog. 😂 She is on a serious diet at the moment 🙄 The dirty fat little ratbag that she is.

Little pig Wolf

Cool down

This time of year is tricky with the heat, but if you can keeping the water up to the rabbiting pack they can handle it. The heat in Central Otago can be problematic for the dogs so it pays to be careful with them.

Dogs cooling down

Well that came around fast

It seems us rabbiters have been busy enough, the year is about smoked already and I’ve been very slack on here.

So here’s a photo of the current load of pups on the ground, and wee crackers they are too! I’m going to give this litter away because Xmas and times are tough for some. Hopefully they make some kids very happy.

They are out of Gilmore by Honey.

Rabbit Tally

A solid night shooting rabbits with the thermal the other night at Hawea Flat, Otago. Back in a day or two to see what else we can shoot….

Nightshooting tally

And while we’re here a better photo of Dingo the pup

Dingo the Wolf pup

The big dig

Not an unusual sight to see Jack with the black nut sack digging yet another rabbit out, this one is up Arrowtown way Central Otago.

Not long after this was filmed he started growling at any other dogs that came near, that means only one thing, he’s close! Sure enough within five minutes he had another notch on his belt, the old bastard has worn several belts out now 😂

Jack digging another rabbit out