Rabbit Control Methods

A combined approach using all the tools in the toolbox when it comes to getting rabbits to the required McLean Scale 3. Differing terrain and vegetation require differing approaches. In all cases, persistence and repetition are the keys to a successful rabbit management plan. Both as a secondary management system after poisoning or as a stand alone method of control.

Night shooting and Day shooting (sniping)
Using both four wheeled and two wheeled motorbikes plus shanks pony….
Shooting is the most used control method, regular shooting can prevent rabbit-prone land from becoming a problem again. Several passes of night shooting are required annually to achieve control; however, block coverage must be complete for the shooting to be effective. Night shooting using spotlights also allows us to pinpoint and target specific hotspots within a block, which can be be dealt with through gassing or dogging.
Long range day shooting can, during winter or in the evening/early morning through summer, be particularly effective in sunny weather periods when rabbits will come out for a sunbath.

Night Vision equipment- A good tool when combined with a silenced .22, this is a great way to hammer any tricky rabbits or if you have a high concentration that are light shy.

Dogging – in combination with shooting is an effective method of controlling rabbits, but again, it needs to be on a regular basis in problem areas and is not suitable after a poison program has been used.
A very effective method to use around vineyards and lifestyle blocks.

Long Nets- A great way to contain and catch rabbits used in conjunction with both dogs and ferrets. Also very good in a rabbit drive.

Controlled ferret use – in combination with dogs and/or long nets is a very effective method of controlling rabbits in warrens, under farm building’s, rubbish piles like tree heaps etc.

Magtoxin – Fumigants are poisons used to kill rabbits in their burrows. They produce toxic fumes, which are inhaled by the rabbits causing death.  The main advantage with using fumigants is that the operator does not have to rely on the rabbit eating poison bait. Fumigation is a labour-intensive control method and is best used in conjunction with methods such as night shooting or as a follow-up method after large scale poisoning in small areas.
The only problem with this method is it is only suitable in fairly open areas unless you are using a spot method for very small places.

Spot Poisoning Pindon; cereal baits used in bait stations can be a good solution in small areas that have a high amount of cover. This method is used sparingly but can be very effective in the right setting/situation.

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