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Rabbits, kids, dogs and ferrets

Man has there been a lot going on in the last few months!  Killed a lot of rabbits somewhere in there as well. But that’s what we do in Otago, rabbit capital of New Zealand right here.
So time for some random things that have happened at Kill That Rabbit in the last few months in no particular order….

While all of you were;
A: Getting pissed
B: Being introverted
C: Spending quality time with your significant others
D: I don’t want to know…..
We were out setting a new record for us, new years 2017 we, Shaun and I, shot 823 rabbits AND knocked off early. Then think, we shot that huge number on just 11.5 Hectares. One shooter, I was loading, counting and driving and let me tell you, I was flat out.
We also went back a week later and shot another 380+ odd plus ferreted it etc. That one block has had way over 1500 rabbits killed on it, which brings up a funny story…
I was talking to a woman that ended up holidaying right beside that particular block just after we had a killing spree there. They couldn’t work out why random dead rabbits turned up and what the bad smell was.
Not every rabbit dies on the spot, and there was waaaay over a tonne of meat and guts rooting on the hill. The hottest summer on record, tonne of meat and guts on the hill, it was a thing to behold…
Oh, and we shot out that rifle that night, is seems having a loader and continuously shooting can be hard on barrels. Opps.

Courtney had pups!

Lots of pups and Jack is the father. Today Google informed me this is a five year old photo of Jack (with a black nut sack) which I’m shook about, I thought he was four at most so how wrong was I? Someone stole the dog he is sleeping on. Not literally cause I let them. 🙄

20130309_194454_Holyhead St.jpg

Young Evalynn fell in luf in shit so just had to move to Invercargill, cause, well that’s where Michelle is and we can’t keep a young lady away from her man… I’m waiting for the baby call.

As I mentioned in the last post, the new virus is about to be released. For some reason it’s all secret squirrel stuff when it comes to the Otago Regional Council telling people what’s going on. I’m sure there’s a good reason…

My son that’s left school now works for Kill That Rabbit, he’s a machine with the rifle and is going very well working with the ferrets. He is also going very well with the air rifle having an extremely good hit rate with that piece of equipment, a grand bit of gear it is to around built up areas. Next for it will be a thermal scope.

One of the dogs killed a ferret, a fine ferret he was as well. Pepper had been with us for a couple of years and killed many a rabbit. I have no understanding why Jack decided Pepper should die but I can tell you I was decidedly unimpressed.
We had words, strong words.

I’ll bugger off and leave you to it. Bastards. LifeOfARabbiter