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September 18

Man alive is there some rabbits around in Central Otago! But there is rabbits all over Otago as well, also hearing of build ups of rabbits happening in Southland.

This large early litters is a bit of a concern, the potential for a massive explosion of rabbits is right there.

Council both regional and district seem to be doing nothing about their own land which is causing its own issues for neighbours.

Evalynn has come up to give me a hand for September which is really handy.

Introducing Evalynn

I’d like you all to meet Evalynn, the young lass (17) that works for us as a rabbiter at Kill That Rabbit.   She loves ferreting and spotlighting (when it’s not to cold, ‘bloody kids’) with a bit of pighunting in the weekends.

Wee Jo the whippet has taken a real shine to Evalynn, bloody hopeless for me as now she ignores me completely if Evalynn is in sight. Bolt is going the same way.

Oh, that’s Crank the ferret with the blood all over his face, just in case you weren’t sure who was who…


Introducing Evalynn