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The most bizarre email ever

Earlier this year I got the below email, it made my week! Enjoy the read…

Hi there,
My name is Adym and I live in Taranaki.
I work for an organisation who rescue and take on kittens that are unwanted. I received a call yesterday that someone had rescued a ‘kitten’ from being drowned. I agreed to take the kitten but once I received it I have seen that I’m pretty sure it’s a ferret. 
I have been feeding him on Royal Canin kitten milk and he seems to be quite strong. 
I was wondering if I could donate him to you? I will gladly take care of him until he is older and I will also desex him for you as I have many vet friends who have already agreed to desex him. I will also drive him too you once he is ready also.I don’t want to euthanise him if you can take him on and give him a loving home with an awesome job. 
I have added a photo to show how young he is.

Feel free to call me if you wanted too on XXXXXXXXXX.
Kind regards,Adym

Well of course after getting this email I rang him for a yarn. Adym was going to drive over 2000km and a couple of ferry crossings to drop it off. I let him know that legally he could keep it but I was happy to take it if he wanted. Below are updates…

Hey there,
I thought that I would give you an update on how the ferret is going.
Firstly you are correct in the fact that I would keep him. He is definitely now apart of the family.I was feeding his every two hours even during the night and now he is the coolest dude ever!I’m super happy that he made it.He is healthy and eating properly and is toilet trained (nearly). He gets a whole room to himself during the day when I’m at work and is obsessed with stealing socks.
So I guess now I have a pet ferret haha.
Hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year.
Kind Regards,Adym

Very cool!Plenty of people overseas let their ferrets sleep in the sock draw.
Get his nuts out July/August.Email me mid winter and I’ll try and get some rabbits up to you to feed him. It’s a lot cooler then so easily doable. 


Awesome!! Thank you so much!
And yeah I’ve found a vet who will do it for me so that’s lucky! 
Here is an updated photos of the little man… mid belly rubs 😍