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A whole bunch of cuteness

Fly’s had pups! Very cute pups they are as well, Levi the whippet is the father……. not that he cares 😀 Both the parents are such good natured dogs and great hunters of the rabbits these should be real crackers!

The second person to see them was all over the runt, half a tail and half the size of the rest. I normally keep the runt of the litter myself but she was so all over him/her (I haven’t checked yet) I might cave. To soft….

Fly’s pups

Pups for sale

It may come as a shock, but we do have the odd litter of pups. Four on the ground as I type. Yes there was a balls up, two planned two not.
Often I am getting approached by people wanting to buy them, so I’m going to start posting them here to keep people informed on what we have currently.
That and puppy photo goodness.

This litter is Courtney and Jack pups, Foxies. One female and three males ready to go now.
Contact Stephen 021858075

Foxy pups