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Poisoning Rabbits

The last resort for rabbit control is using poison, whether Pindone or 1080 is to be used. Poison operations are expensive with the final costs not really being known as loss of production and other related issues are never accounted for in the initial price. 1080 particularly is becoming more and more frowned upon as there is a lot of questions being raised about it’s use as well as court proceedings involving 1080. Basically it’s days are numbered.
I have heard of lambing issues directly related to land that has been poisoned with 1080 causing a drop of over 10% of lambs surviving caused by it’s use. All time periods were adhered to yet lambing rates still dropped. It seems scientists haven’t done much research on this which is yet another issue, and one that needs serious attention.
On bigger properties another issue that can arise after poisoning is the need to do weed control. With the land not being grazed for such a long time the weeds can get away to a point were stock will not bring it back under control, so follow up weed control can be required. This is a direct cost associated with the 1080 operations.

Even our own EPA (Environment Protection Agency) isn’t sure about the rules and what can be used as can be seen here “1080 is the only toxin that is able to be applied aerially throughout mainland New Zealand.” from http://www.epa.govt.nz/search-databases/HSNO%20Application%20Register%20Documents/HRE05002-019.pdf
In fact Pindone is also able to be applied the same way…. While not perfect it is better than 1080.

The main reason poison ends up being used is because it is a last ditch effort when nothing else has been done or people have had a few mates, the boy/farm worker doing a bit of shooting. This is NOT a pest management plan but a bit of fun, there seems to be some confusion where this is concerned.    This should not happen if a proper management plan is in place. Normally rabbits get out of control  because of a failed pest management plan or no plan at all.

Ergo the need no matter the size of the property to have some kind of plan in place.