3 thoughts on “The Brothers

  1. onslowfisherman

    Hi Stephen,
    I am of the generation that well remember the huge rabbit populations of the past. I well remember the devastation that they caused. I well remember hillsides moving when I was but a lad, looking out a train window going from Timaru to Fairlie. A particular hillside that the tracks ran beside in Levels is an abiding memory, That hillside was a moving carpet of rabbits.
    My Dad made a living out of rabbiting in the Mackenzie country and was able to provide a modest living for our family of seven.
    I follow your exploits with considerable interest and my love of dogs adds to the pleasure I get from your photographs and what you write.
    All the best,
    Jim Greene


  2. wirehunt Post author

    Hi Jim
    Back then there was a lot of farms paid for and livings made from the rabbit.
    And thanks for the comments, I’ll have to get my A into G now…



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