Dog Training part 2

So the pup has been picked, it’s now home, where to from here? First things first, a feed and water for pup then playtime!

Generally one of the first questions I’m asked is how to toilet train the new pup which is actually quite straight forward. As soon as the new pup wakes outside with it, not in a few minutes but straight away. Very quickly pup will learn that is the deal and will start dropping hints it needs to go to the toilet, it’s up to you to learn those hints. Whether it’s the pup goes to a curtain spot, a corner or door there will be a hint. Accidents will happen but there is no reason to growl, in fact you are the one that should be growled at for not reading pup properly.

Next on the list is feeding pup, that should start the way you intend it to be fed for it’s whole life. I always get a bag of very good quality pup food to start them off but this gets mixed up with any food scraps and/or good quality dogroll. There is nothing worse than a dog that is fussy about what it will eat so much much easier to get them used to all the food right at the beginning.
Remember here as well, pup needs to be wormed every two weeks till it’s 14 weeks old.

The big thing right now though is handle that pup, spend as much time as you can playing as this is great handling and makes for a much more sociable and trainable pup later on.
Hopefully it hasn’t taken long to name the pup so call it by it’s name often.
When everyone is interacting with pup they need to use it’s name. When someone comes up they will call it something else, a genital correction here will make pup learning its name quicker and easier. A simple pups name is “here” can you please call it that, when they first meet, the faster pups name is learned the better.

Now go play with that pup!

Foxy pups

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