Rabbits almost everywhere

It’s quite easy to see who has been keeping on top of the rabbits and who hasn’t!

I didn’t realise how long since I last posted here, but with good reason. The dogs (well not so much as it’s been to hot), ferrets and I have been very busy killing rabbits. The places that haven’t been doing any rabbit control are starting to have real problems….and it’s only going to get worse!
I’ve had a lot of people saying “we need to get the virus here”, meaning the RCD (rabbit calicivirus disease).  What these people fail to realise it’s here all the time, however there is roughly an 80% immunity to it now which changes from area to area. Alarm bells ringing yet?  So for every two rabbits you see dead there is another eight that are immune. Once the conditions are right the virus activates and we start to see a few dead ones around.

The photo below is from a block I last did 5-6 months ago,  to say I was happy with how it looks is an understatement.   Yes it still has rabbits but over all it is looking bloody good! This farmer rings me when he starts to see a few around and I shoot in and have a quick mop up.   In fact this property is proof of how well a good pest management plan works.  A little often so any problems are nipped in the bud before they turn into big expensive problems.

Dogs from the left: Jack, Tom, Shake, Otis (big hairy one with the nickname wanker), Fly, Penny, Bolt, guy and in the foreground Patch. The shotgun is a Yildiz 20 gauge side by side.


Till next time have fun…

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