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Rabbit season 2021

So the rabbit season for 2021 has begun and I think it’s going to be a very interesting time. First younger rabbits for the year have been got in Central Otago at least, havent heard about the rest of New Zealand yet. I think the very wet July killed quite a few young rabbits which is something at least.

Ferret backpack

I do love this wee pack for carrying the ferrets around, a mile better than the normal cat cage or box. I need to get another one just for a spare.

A few staff changes lately as the main offsider went into the army. So a new night shooter who is going well and a new day helper who is going very well, really good with both the dogs and ferrets.

We are starting to have major supply issues just like everyone else, the big problem being ammo. So far it hasnt held us up but we’ll see where that goes……

Starting to see a lot of rabbits around the place which is normal for this time of year but every year it seems to catch people out. They get all shocked with how many are around.

Cute puppy photo just because

2020 Breeding season

Well here we are again, the breeding season for rabbits in New Zealand will be well under way! In order to see those young rabbits in Central Otago in August it means the mating will be happening now in June. 28 day gestation period for rabbits (pregnant again within 12 hours of having a litter), a few weeks in the nest then come August out they come.

If your planning a poison drop then best you get on with it if you want maximum success, the reason is straight forward, if you leave it till August the young rabbits can survive without mum but are to young to take bait.

We had a visitor for a couple of weeks, old Bolt came up for a holiday while Evalynn was away. He enjoyed getting out for a few runs with the team smashing a few rabbits around camp. Of course him and Jack said gidday to each other then where straight back to their old ways, growling, barking and snapping at each other.
Bolt’s looking a bit more grey and has slowed down a lot but is enjoying retirement.


The Neighbours Rabbits

Turns out the neighbours to our block have a bit of a rabbit problem, this video was shot last night on our Pulsar Trail XP. It’s a bit hazy as there was a little fog around which thermal scopes don’t like.

This is the reason everyone needs to do their bit when it comes to rabbits. This video was filmed at the top of Lake Dunstan maybe 200 metres from the lake itself.


Rabbits 2020

There is rabbits, a lot of rabbits in Central Otago, but not just there either. Coastal Otago, Millers Flat and the Teviot Valley. Just the whole of Otago in general has rabbit numbers climbing and in some areas quite quickly.

I’ve been doing battle a lot with Otago Regional Council (ORC), trying to find out why they are not issuing compliance notices on any government departments including department of conservation, LINZ etc same goes for district councils.

Often these are the areas that create the broader rabbit problems in an area. To say progress is slow is a massive understatement, it seems councillors and all the other middle management just don’t understand, well quite frankly, much at all. In fact considering they are councillors and management it should be of grave concern to rate payers and central government (but realistically are they any better themselves?)

Does the next step include the EPA or court? Looking more and more like it sadly, I have better things to be doing than wet nursing a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats.

Stay safe

Rabbits and a yarn


Time for a good yarn up since I haven’t posted for a bit… The rabbits have been busy! Even though the people around Otago haven’t noticed due to the massive amount of grass around they are there, now the grass is dying off all is being revealed which is a lot of rabbits. HAha, they fooled the people again.
If I’d had an offsider to take a photo the day I got this pic it would have been four fat bastards in a row! The art work just keeps coming,some very cool and some has me scratching my head.


The rabbits above were caught in a drop trap, very effective method if you have good fencing. The photo below is one days catch from two drop traps. 35 rabbits in that pic.


Had a young fella coming out a bit lately, he’s getting right into the swing of this rabbiting thing. Meet Angus.

And to wind this up a photo of Jo relaxing after yet another hard day at the office.


September 18

Man alive is there some rabbits around in Central Otago! But there is rabbits all over Otago as well, also hearing of build ups of rabbits happening in Southland.

This large early litters is a bit of a concern, the potential for a massive explosion of rabbits is right there.

Council both regional and district seem to be doing nothing about their own land which is causing its own issues for neighbours.

Evalynn has come up to give me a hand for September which is really handy.

Rabbits and the new K5 virus

Well if this strain of the K5 virus has worked I don’t know where. After speaking with many other rabbiters and land owners no one has seen a result, something should have been seen by now.
In fact the numbers we are getting are indicating they might have slipped a bit of Viagra into the mix, we are still getting pregnant and just dropped females even at this late stage of the season.
I have no idea what the coming season with bring, but it’s looking like being a busy one.

Rabbits, kids, dogs and ferrets

Man has there been a lot going on in the last few months!  Killed a lot of rabbits somewhere in there as well. But that’s what we do in Otago, rabbit capital of New Zealand right here.
So time for some random things that have happened at Kill That Rabbit in the last few months in no particular order….

While all of you were;
A: Getting pissed
B: Being introverted
C: Spending quality time with your significant others
D: I don’t want to know…..
We were out setting a new record for us, new years 2017 we, Shaun and I, shot 823 rabbits AND knocked off early. Then think, we shot that huge number on just 11.5 Hectares. One shooter, I was loading, counting and driving and let me tell you, I was flat out.
We also went back a week later and shot another 380+ odd plus ferreted it etc. That one block has had way over 1500 rabbits killed on it, which brings up a funny story…
I was talking to a woman that ended up holidaying right beside that particular block just after we had a killing spree there. They couldn’t work out why random dead rabbits turned up and what the bad smell was.
Not every rabbit dies on the spot, and there was waaaay over a tonne of meat and guts rooting on the hill. The hottest summer on record, tonne of meat and guts on the hill, it was a thing to behold…
Oh, and we shot out that rifle that night, is seems having a loader and continuously shooting can be hard on barrels. Opps.

Courtney had pups!

Lots of pups and Jack is the father. Today Google informed me this is a five year old photo of Jack (with a black nut sack) which I’m shook about, I thought he was four at most so how wrong was I? Someone stole the dog he is sleeping on. Not literally cause I let them. 🙄

20130309_194454_Holyhead St.jpg

Young Evalynn fell in luf in shit so just had to move to Invercargill, cause, well that’s where Michelle is and we can’t keep a young lady away from her man… I’m waiting for the baby call.

As I mentioned in the last post, the new virus is about to be released. For some reason it’s all secret squirrel stuff when it comes to the Otago Regional Council telling people what’s going on. I’m sure there’s a good reason…

My son that’s left school now works for Kill That Rabbit, he’s a machine with the rifle and is going very well working with the ferrets. He is also going very well with the air rifle having an extremely good hit rate with that piece of equipment, a grand bit of gear it is to around built up areas. Next for it will be a thermal scope.

One of the dogs killed a ferret, a fine ferret he was as well. Pepper had been with us for a couple of years and killed many a rabbit. I have no understanding why Jack decided Pepper should die but I can tell you I was decidedly unimpressed.
We had words, strong words.

I’ll bugger off and leave you to it. Bastards. LifeOfARabbiter