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The Rabbit

Rabbits, damned rabbits!   They are coming back in places around Otago and Canterbury thicker than ever.  Central Otago is, well, on high alert again as they little buggers need controlled, and quickly.
In case you aren’t sure what these little pests look like here is a few photo’s of them just to keep your mind refreshed.

The rabbit enemy!


Ok, so we see a few Quail around the place. Very cool wee birds!






If I wasn’t trying to kill these rabbits I’d be laying in the sun too!


There’s four rabbits here.  Can you spot them all?

Dogs for pest control

Dogs are a large part of a successful rabbit management plan or program, great for getting those stubborn pests out into the open where they are either shot or the dogs clean them up.
A few of the rabbiting pack at home relaxing.
A couple of up and coming rabbiting dogs, Springer Spaniel X Foxies
Jess on the left and Happy
Jess and Happy