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Rabbit Tally

A solid night shooting rabbits with the thermal the other night at Hawea Flat, Otago. Back in a day or two to see what else we can shoot….

Nightshooting tally

And while we’re here a better photo of Dingo the pup

Dingo the Wolf pup

The Neighbours Rabbits

Turns out the neighbours to our block have a bit of a rabbit problem, this video was shot last night on our Pulsar Trail XP. It’s a bit hazy as there was a little fog around which thermal scopes don’t like.

This is the reason everyone needs to do their bit when it comes to rabbits. This video was filmed at the top of Lake Dunstan maybe 200 metres from the lake itself.


Thermal at Akarua

It seems I’ve been tardy with updating here,  probably because we have been so busy!

Huge rabbit explosion happening in Central Otago at the moment, in fact it goes throughout NZ….

A bit of thermal action from a few days ago on a vineyard we have just started doing control work on.   We did a follow up a few days later and am very happy with how it now looks.


Thermal imaging and rabbits

Thermal scopes and monocular’s are starting to change the way we work, they are very effective on rabbits in the right situation.

The white dots early on in the video below are rabbits out around 300 metres+   I’ve run the spotlight over this block a few times on my way past and hardly see a thing.    The rabbits are on the neighbours (thankfully) but we try very hard to keep the rabbit proof boundary fence in top condition, that in itself is an ongoing mission.