September 18

Man alive is there some rabbits around in Central Otago! But there is rabbits all over Otago as well, also hearing of build ups of rabbits happening in Southland.

This large early litters is a bit of a concern, the potential for a massive explosion of rabbits is right there.

Council both regional and district seem to be doing nothing about their own land which is causing its own issues for neighbours.

Evalynn has come up to give me a hand for September which is really handy.

1 thought on “September 18

  1. banksiarabbitcontrola

    exactly the same issues here in western Australia mate, sad to see the people with degrees and well paid positions calling themselves conservationists or bio controllers whatever the title is wouldnt even know how to trap rabbits and what is involved and the misinformation they spread to the public is alarming. i guess that this difference between control/conservation and hands on control/conservation. great page mate real inspiration. keep up the good fight.



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