The skill has gone

Unfortunately (?) the skill of using poison has all but gone when it comes to rabbit control.

My view is if you have to poison you have failed with your pest management plan. However for a lot of people poison is their first port of call, I’ll footnote this on why I think its bad.

Like all pest contractors we have used poison and with good success, but it is a dying art. I think the issue is possum people are being talked into doing rabbits because the rabbit people can’t be arsed with dealing with it.

Pindone used properly is very good, but that is a loaded few words. It is NOT a one hit wonder like 1080, but that is even very different between possums and rabbits.

With 1080 quantity is king, yes all the conditions need to be right BUT you must also put enough out and if you don’t your screwed. That is bait shy animals you now have.

Pindone on the other hand is much more refined. Prefeeds are not required however timing is quite important. Very dependant on rabbit numbers, but a good rule of thumb is 10kg to the hectare first feed, 10kg for the second feed approximately 10-14 days later, the another 5kg per hectare up your sleeve for spot poisoning anywhere rabbits are still seen another 10 days later. These sow rates are for numbers like MMS 6 and above.

There is all kinds of shit talked about how carrot is best, whether the poison on it is 1080 or Pindone, complete and utter bollocks. For rabbits anyway Key Industries have developed a cereal based Pindone poison called RS5.

When done right this shit works extremely well. We’ve used this in situations were I did not think it could work, a small test run was taken up very well so we did the main poison and had a fantastic result. In fact I was stunned.

If any poison contractor says “we had a great result, all the poison is gone” particularly with 1080, question them hard. They did NOT put enough out, it is that simple.

FOOTNOTE: 1080 is the crawlist way to die for any animal, shoot me in the guts before you feed me that shit.

Also, do people that live in New Zealand really think that dumping poisons year after year on this beautiful land is sustainable. Really? If you are that much of a cheap/useless bastard should you even be allowed to manage land in this beautiful place?

No. I think not. Go away.

At best if a block is that bad you should get one crack with poison, then that land should be marked for the next several decades with a NO POISON sign. We can not keep killing the land with poisons because someone thinks its cheap. It’s not.

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